Upcoming Sunday talks

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Making space for God

Is our series for the new year that tracks the Lord's Prayer and The Prayer Course, to allow us time during lockdown to create new habits of spending time with God that can continue when life returns to 'normal'.

Jan 3rd 
Covenant Sunday SAH

Jan 10th 
Why Pray? 'Lord, teach us to pray.' 

Jan 17th 
Adoration 'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.'

Jan 24th 
Petition 'Give us today our daily bread.'

Jan 31st 
Intercession 'Your kingdom come.'

Feb 7th 
Unanswered Prayer 'Your will be done.'

Feb 14th 
Contemplation 'On earth as it is in heaven'

Feb 21st 
Listening 'Don't lead us into the time of trial'

Feb 28th 
Spiritual Warfare 'Deliver us from evil'