Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved with Chapel A. Come along on Sundays. Join a housegroup. These groups meet in homes during the week and are a primary place for us to get to know people, as well as being for Bible study, prayer and worship, to equip us as Christian people and to help us connect with others and the wider world.

You can become a member and have a say in how the church is run: what we do and how we do it. Baptist churches are intentionally inclusive, where we look to hear from God as well as from each other, and we have Church Meetings four times a year to seek God, to discuss and make decisions (and even occasionally vote!) on bigger issues.

There are also lots of ways in which you could serve by simply helping out at church. There's more to (church) life than meetings & rotas, but they do serve a purpose! So, we do have rotas for children's groups and young people's groups, Sunday morning hospitality (tea, coffee, cakes etc), providing lifts, doing PA and operating the laptop, being part of the music/worship group, Sunday set-up, plus being on the welcome team... . Pitch in!

Bigger things you could get involved with include CAYP (Chapel Allerton Youth Project), Weekends Away and maybe even a Christmas party. Then there are the annual events such as Carols in the Park and the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival, which always need people willing to get involved.