Chapel A - Vision Statement

We will love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

What we are

Chapel A will be a home, where people are accepted and welcomed into the church family. We will be a safe place, where we can be real with God and each other. We will fulfil our responsibilities to each other, loving others as ourselves. We will accept the challenge that we are not yet the people God wants us to be and will encourage honesty and mutual accountability.

What we do

We will dedicate space to expressing our worship together. We will express the gifts of the Spirit in all their variety and colour. We will strive to fulfil the Great Commission, leading people into a relationship with Jesus, baptising them and encouraging obedience to his teaching. Chapel A will train and equip people to live out their faith with integrity. Our aim is to demonstrate Jesus to our neighbours, friends, family and those with whom we work. We will bless the community of Chapel Allerton and God's wider world through prayer, projects, ministries, events and work with other churches.

We will build the Kingdom of God through our own personal initiatives as well as through our work together.