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We have many children and young people at Chapel A and we love having them as part of our community and helping them grow in their faith. We always include children and young people in the decision making of the church and their views and opinions are very important to us.

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays we meet together as a whole church family and then split into groups:

Creche children aged 0-3yrs are supervised in a safe and comfortable space where they can play with baby toys, blocks, cars and books. Parents are welocme to stay with their child or leave them with our volunteers. Our creche is very small at present, consisting of only 1 or 2 children.

Adventurers is our group for children aged 3-7yrs. This group have a story, do some crafts, games and cooking. Typically, there are 5-6 children in this group, led by 2 adult volunteers.

The Fellowship is for primary school children aged 7-11yrs. This group meets in the lounge at the Methodist Centre and consists of 8-10 children. They look at a Bible story, play some games and do a craft.

Hvnly (not Heavenly!) is for young people aged 11-14yrs, though currently including some older Yr6s. Hvnly meets in the basement. Hvnly is a place for young people to meet with each other, to talk about the topics and themes that matter to them in the light of God's word.

Hvnly+ is for older young people aged 14-18yrs. They meet on Sunday evenings in various locations to chat, hang out, talk deep, play silly games and discuss how their faith makes a difference in their lives in a way that really matters.

On 1st and 3rd Sundays all the children, young people and adults are invited to join the Family Service and Cafe Church together as a whole church family.

We are working on being an accesible and inclusive church for children of all needs and abilities. If you have any comment, queries or enquries about how this will work for your family, please contact Judy.

All our children's and youth work volunteers undergo a DBS check and take regular safeguarding level 2 training.

Judy Harberd is our Children and Youth Discipleship Enabler. Contact: